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Grimes :: Go (Feat. Blood Diamonds)

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Man Of The Year- Schoolboy Q

I honestly cant even say what my taste in music is at this point anymore.. but i cant stop playing this song. 

Just changed my instagram to @sajegary ! I’ve been stealing everyone’s smartphones to update as often as i can so ya know.. you could always check that out if you haven’t already:)

So i just sent in my portfolio submission for an opportunity to apprentice for Russ Abbot at Ink&Dagger Tattoo Parlor! I feel like its such a long shot to actually be chosen, especially since I’ve been turned away by tattoo artists with half the talent of this guy.. but you know your girl had to at least try. They’ve been accepting submissions all month.. and i literally found out about it on Thursday. So naturally i panicked and rushed to put something semi-presentable together in one day. Good thing i didn’t consider the fact that a legit portfolio needs to actually be inside of a portfolio until after i had left the post office. & If that doesn’t cause them to immediately throw out my application, then my mandatory 500 word essay/abomination to literature definitely will. I cant help but cringe at the thought of my submission actually being reviewed, but i knew if i didn’t at least send something in i would be so mad at myself for not at least trying when i saw his next apprentice. At least postage was a fraction of the cost any college application ever cost me.