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Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown & Tyga | Main Chick

Anonymous asked:
Hey what are all your tattoos

I have two lady bugs on my foot, Wheres Waldo on my inner arm, a skull, rose and outline of a clock on my left leg. It’s a pretty puny collection for a girl that loves body art so much </3


Dealing with financial aid seriously makes my stomach feel sick. 

Anonymous asked:
What's your IG?

If IG stands for Instagram mine is “hieraticscale”…like the name of my blog:) I have a link on my page though. 


Mmm so my man may or may not have brought up the “Love” word, & i may or may not have totally flaked out. Am i really the kind of person that freaks out when a person says they love me? When did my life turn into a bad 90’s teen sitcom? I am to old to be acting like i don’t know what i want… & i’m to lame to be in a real grown up relationshiiiip, what am i even doing

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